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Oil in coolant

I own a 2002 Honda Accord with 140,000 miles on it. I have always completed maintenance as required and now there is oil in the coolant and I am going to have to put a new motor in it. Anybody else have this problem?

Oil In The Coolant Shouldn’t Necessarily Be Cause To Put A New Engine In It. Why Do You Draw This Conclusion ?

Coolant in the motor oil, left unchecked, will soon lead to enough engine damage to consider a new engine, but that’s not usually true of oil in the coolant.

Motor oil can mix with coolant through a defective head gasket. Transmisssion oil (fluid) can mix with coolant through a defective radiator (with integral transmission cooler).

Usually oil in the coolant will not cause catastrophic engine damage. Who told you that you need an engine and specifically what’s wrong with the engine ?


That’s exactly what I was thinking.

I had the head gasket replaced and it did not correct the problem. A friend who says he is a Honda specialist said I would have to put a new motor in.

I would be questioning the shop that did the head gasket replacement. There is no reason that the fix can’t be done right - or at the very least if there is one then it should have been discovered while doing the work. (Unless we’re talking about a very old repair). I’d also be wondering if it isn’t transmission fluid rather than motor oil.

Did This Car Ever Over-Heat At Some Point ? Was the Head Gasket Replaced Only To Stop Oil From Mixing With Coolant Or For Other Reasons, Too ?

When the head gasket was replaced was the head carefully checked for damage or warping and / or was it machined to be sure it would seal properly ?

Has the transmission fluid been inspected for coolant intrusion ?


never overheated. head gasket was replaced only to stop oil from mixing. i don’t know for sure if the head was checked…i’m assuming it was. have not checked transmission fluid for coolant.

are you thinking i should have the head checked or can that still be done?

If your Honda has an automatic transmission, there may be a transmission oil cooler as part of the radiator. It might be possible that the oil you see in the coolant is transmission fluid rather than motor oil.

okay, i’ll have that checked. thanks so much.

Is the “Honda specialist” friend the person who replaced the head gasket?

Perhaps the whole story, in one clear and concise statement will enable us to better inform you.

no, the head gasket was replaced by a mechanic who works at a KIA dealership. (doing my son a favor). i do not know if he checked to make sure the head was not warped. surely he did as he is supposed to be very good. about 2 months later the ‘honda specialist’ friend checked the coolant and said oil was still leaking into it. he is also the one who said i would probably have to have a new motor.