Oil/Coolant Issue

The engine oil engin oil is being sucked into the cooling system and filling up the coolant recovery tank. It’s a peanut butter mess. The radiator is loaded also and I can’t what the passages in the block look like. Some say its a head gasket but why would crank case be empty. I would think there would be coolant mixed with oil in the crankcase. I think its a engine porous issue. Any thoughts? The vehicle was bought used with 133k miles and a 3 month warranty. The seller wants to sealing the leak with Blue Devil which I call snake oil.

Is The Engine Oil Low ? Automatic Transmission ? Maybe The Transmission Fluid Is Getting In Through The Itegral Cooler / Radiator.


A breached head gasket can lead to coolant in the oil, or oil in the coolant, or both.
What begins as migration of oil into the coolant can morph into a situation of coolant in the oil at a moment’s notice.

I would advise you to avoid buying this car if you have not done so already.
If you do already own it, then I would advise checking the dipstick daily in order to detect possible contamination of the motor oil with coolant. Once you see that situation, it is time to immediately change the head gasket.

It’s not being sucked into the cooling system. It’s being pumped into the cooling system. The cooling system pressurizes to 16 or so PSI. The oil pressure can go over 80 PSI.

The crank case would be empty because it is a massive breach or you weren’t checking the oil level. The oil pump will pump till it is about dry.

The Blue Devil will do no good, it will just make things worse.

The best that you and the seller can do is for you to give the car back and them to give your money back.

What Model-Year Is The Honda Accord ?


The engine oil is low and the transmission fluid is up to level. There is no excess smoke fom the exhaust and the spark plugs are clean.

I hopefully can resolve and negotiate soemthing tonight with the seller. I think he is trying to wash his hands of the issue with the “Blue Devil” sealer. It might buy some time but its “snake oil”. The car is in great shape!

99 Accord EX with 133k miles

Some Hondas have an oil cooler that the oil filter screws onto. If it does have a cooler that would be my first suspect.

How would the oil from the oil cooler get into the coolant?

The oil is cooled through the radiator or other heat exchanger with coolant, similar to the transmission cooler in the radiator. I had to replace a bad oil cooler in a Cadillac Catera that was doing the exact same thing. Oil cooler was in the coolant underneath the intake manifold of the V6 engine.

I will check for an oil cooler but I don’t recall seeing one when I service the oil filter. This is a 4 cylinder as well.