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Head gasket fail?

2011 Ford Fusion 2.5l I5. Just changed oil. Full synthetic, with 1 quart of lucas oil stabilizer. Went about 200 miles over before changing. It looked weird to me so just posting to see if anyone else could tell me what’s going on here. If any other background details are needed just ask.

What model Ford?

what engine?

Have you looked at your coolant, as well . . . ?!

It certainly looks as if coolant may have gotten into the crankcase

Be aware . . . a blown head gasket isn’t the only possibility. In fact, there are some possibilities that are even worse

Here’s what I would do . . .


This all depends upon what model, year, and engine you have but what about the possibiity of an oil filter adapter leak?

Some use a fiber gasket with rubber inserts which over time can harden and fail. This will allow coolant and motor oil to mix as both run through the same adapter. IF, and I say IF, this is the problem and applicable to your vehicle a new gasket is about 13 bucks or so. AND there are several different gaskets depending upon whether or not the vehicle has an external oil cooler.

2011 Ford Fusion 2.5l

I can’t imagine an engine running normally with that in the oil pan. Stir it up and pour some in a glass jar and post a picture when it settles out.

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I already recycled it. What would that mean with it looking like that? It was also pretty cold out when I changed the oil, dont know if that matters

It means there is coolant in the oil. The milkshake… a bad milkshake because it cannot lubricate.

When settled in a glass the ingredients would be somewhat easily distinguished and the relative amounts of each could be determined. In that drain pan there’s no way to tell what the red liquid was or how much of it there was. My best guess is that the liquid was still largely blended when the picture was taken.