HELP. 1997 Camaro

i own a 1997 Camaro, I found oil in the coolant a little bit ago. when I took it to a mechanic he worked on it and charged me $700 just to tell me some one had put oil in the coolant so he cleaned it out. now (5 weeks later) oil is back in the coolant and coolant overfill and is alot worse. My oil was good 2 weeks ago but now iam down 2 courts of oil and my engin light is on. the problems I have with the engin is a o2( 3rd sensor behind cat.) sensor and the evap perge cilcyn(on the right) what is wrong with my car??? is it a crack in my block or my headder???

Check to see if you have coolant in your oil, you can see that on the dipstick. If there is coolant in the oil you probably have a bad head gasket. Find another mechanic.

No iam only finding oil in the coolant. it seems as tho there is almost more oil then coolant. in the engin.

Oil in the coolant is indicative of a bad head gasket. There are rubber seals that are supposed to allow oil to circulate from the block to the head. One of those is leaking.

What did your $700 mechanic DO for $700?

First he pressurized my engine to flush the coolant, changed my oil and oil pan and also changed my coolant. He told me the previous owner had put oil in the coolant for some reason.

What needs to be done here is to perform a cooling system pressure test to start with. This will verify if there is leakage between the cooling system and engine oil passages.

If there is leakage then the next step IMHO would be to perform a compression test followed by checking manifold vacuum with a vacuum gauge.
These tests would determine if you have a head gasket problem or not and whether you have an intake manifold gasket leak.

You might consider another shop. I’m not too sure about your current guy’s methodogy. It’s unclear why he would even pull the oil pan.

(Note. Maybe this crud that is seen in the cooling system is not engine oil. Maybe it’s DexCool coolant that is sludging up and the engine oil consumption is something else; either leaking or a piston ring problem. When DexCool sludges up it will resemble thin tan colored mud.)

Hope that helps anyway.