Oil for high mileage motors



Are the oils that claim they are made for high mileage motor worth the extra cost or will a good quality oil work just as good.


Wally-World sells “High Mileage” motor oil with a very small premium in price…HM oils have a little seal conditioner in them to prevent leaks and that’s about it…


No need for it unless you are loosing excessive oil via leaks.


Right; those high mileage oils (not to be confused with long life oils) are standard oils with some additives to slow or stop leaks. If you have a high mileage car that leaks a little oil, they work just fine. They don’t work for MAJOR leaks, requiring new gaskets or seals.

Tune into any TV channel such as Speed, dealing with cars, and you will see them heavily advertised (Quaker State makes one) to their target audience; drivers with high mileage cars.


I don’t know if my 2002 Sienna is high mileage or not, with only 165,000 miles. But, I sure don’t need any different oil than when it was new. No leaks; no excess consumption. The same oil should be fine on my car, as long as there are no problems needing a fix.