Oil filters


i just had the oil changed on 07 nissan frontier for the first time (3k). they used a wix filter. are all filters about the same? thanks


While oil filters are not exactly the same, and many people have specific brand preferences, they all meet original OEM standards. In your case, Wix is a good filter and the brand has a good reputation for providing quality filter products. I have used their products with good success over the years.


There is a great range of quality in filters and Wix is a high quality product. Shops using high quality products usually do high quality work.


All branded filters are good IMHO. The only ones I’m skeptical about are the “generic” ones. These are normally not sold directly to the public and you may see them in quick lube facilties.
They’re usually packaged in white or yellow boxes with no markings at all except maybe an identification number.
These are usually produced in some third world country and imported at less than dirt cheap prices. The quality and fit of these is questionable at best.

The shop’s actual cost on one of these filters is usually about 20-25% of what the cost of a name branded filter is; even an inexpensive name branded one.