Oil filters

changed oil and filter on 07 nissan frontier for first time,3k, and they used a

Wix filter. are all filters about the same? thanks

I would think Wix is a good filter for your car. The Wix company in Gastonia NC makes several of the top line filters like some purolators, Fram, and most brands. LEE

I agree with previous post. For normal oil change intervals the standard filters are OK. Should you fill up with a long drain interval oil, however, such as Mobil 1 Extended Drain, you need a olong life filter. European countries are going to long drain intervals (12 months) for environmental reasons. They will also specify a long life filter.

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are all filters about the same?

Yes and no. There are differences that are easy to see if you cut up filters. Some look really cheaply made. Some look far better and I would say they aae better made.

However they all do a very good job. You don’t need anything better than the cheap ones. Do get one recommended for your specific car. For example there may be two almost exactly the same filters by the same company, one with a one way valve in it and one with out.

Really it does not matter. If you use the best filter (and change oil and filters as recommended by the manufacturer in the Owner’s Manual, your engine may last 250,000 miles with the cheapest filter it may only last 249,500 miles.

The one thing you should avoid however are the quick oil change places. No matter what filter they may use, they are likely to forget to tighten it or put oil back in or some other really stupid thing. Say away from them.

BTW while it is very unlikely to damage your car, changing oil more often than listed in the owner’s manual for the type of driving you do is not needed. Oil meeting the manufacturer’s specifications is important and if they say synthetic, buy it.

Racers will tell you Wix is a superior filter as well as Napa Gold. These guys cut their old filters in half and inspect what has been trapped…and the other brands get the thumbs-down…the more you trap the better…

The filters are so different that it’s almost funny. They’re all alright if they get made the way they are designed to be made. The cheapest ones aren’t always put together right so you might get one now and then that doesn’t filter at all. If you got one of those and had terrible luck, it could cost you. It isn’t a sure thing even then. Wix is good. I used to run NAPA’s cheaper line of filters because I was the cheaper line of customer. Silverline was the one. NAPA Gold is about the same quality as Wix. We were told at NAPA that they were made by Wix. I now use the Fram filter that is one step more expensive than their basic one. I’m only almost as cheap as I used to be. I switched to Castrol Syntec oil because the Super Tech at Wal-Mart smells awful and I would hate to get any on my clothes.