Acura RSX Oil Consumption

2005 RSX-S with 95,000 mile. Use 1 qt every 5000 mi. Acura says they consider a problem when 1 qt every 1000 miles. Is that true. Should I be happy with my use?

Motor job in my future or new car?

Completely normal and acceptable. Many new cars, esp. German ones, burn/leak/consume more than that when they are brand new. (at least according to other posters on the Car Talk site) Just check the oil dipstick EVERY time you fill up the gas tank and top off as necessary. DO NOT overfill it–this is much worse than having it a quart low.
Might also want to switch to “high mileage” type oil. It has additives which are supposed to prevent wear on seals/rings/etc. That is a different discussion though.

Absolutely normal. Slight oil consumption normal part of a internal combustion engine. In your case slight adds up to a quart over five thousand miles.

You just need to check and possibly top oil every 3-4th oil change which prudent car ownership.

Evern if burning/consuming a quart every 1000 miles, do you realize how many cases of engine you can buy with the cost of a motor job?

It’s True That Most Manufacturers Consider A Quart Of Oil Every 1,000 Miles To Be “Normal”. That’s Ridiculous Even At 95,000 Miles.

I’m not sure what an Acura RSX is, but I if I had a car that was well maintained and using a quart / 5,000 miles with only 95,000 milles on it, I too would be disappointed. I doubt it indicates a major problem, but will just continue to be just an annoyance.

The consumption could continue to increase a bit as the car ages.

If the name Acura isn’t some Asian surname and instead stems from “accurate or accuaracy,” maybe your’s is a Sortofacura. :wink:


1 quart every 5,000 miles is perfactly normal and healthy.

All engines use a miniscule amount of oil. The cylinder walls are even “honed” on new engines to provide a surface full of crosshatched scratches into which a miniscule amount of oil can stay after the oil rings wipe the cylinder walls. This oil allows the compression rings to slide down the walls and ends up burned with the gasoline. 1 quart every 5000 miles is a miniscule amount.

Based on your usage only I’d submit that you have neither an engine job or a new car in your future unless you have to get one for other reasons entirely.

I wish my car burned so little oil. Most owners would never even notice being down 1 qt in 5,000 miles. How many qts does it take when changing the oil? I’d just change the oil every 5,000 and never bother adding to the old oil. OK, maybe I’d add half a qt at 2,500.

I add a qt to my car every 700-1,000 miles and am not worried about it, but it’s 21 years old.

One quart of oil at 5K is considered normal. One quart at 1K is abnormal in my book.