Oil Consumption tests

I have a '07 Infiniti G35 Coupe with manual transmission that is using 1 to 1 1/2 quarts of oil every 800 miles. There are no visible leaks. What could be causing this?

If there are no leaks, then only other thing that can be happening is the oil is being burned. How many miles on the engine ?


That is a lot of oil for an 07. Is it still under warranty? How many miles? Did you every allow the oil to get low? How well have you looked for where the oil may have been going? Check the engine coolant to see if there may oil mixed in there.

You might check to see if there is an air filter installed in the air box…Dirty air will destroy piston rings very quickly…

More information would be helpful…Has this rate of oil consumption been going on since the car was new?? Have there been any “the oil light came on” events?

If it’s not leaking then it is being lost past the piston rings and/or valve seals.
An '07 should not be going through this much oil but none of us know the vehicle mileage (assumed to be low?) or the history of the car (bought new as in 4-5 miles on it, any oil change incidents, any episode of overheating, etc.).

At worst, oil consumption should not exceed one quart per thousand miles. Your G35 is approaching twice this rate. Take the car to your dealer immediately so that they can investigate and solve the problem. A small number of G35 engines were defective in this way and have been replaced under warranty. This sounds like another one.

I’m curious as hell. What does the dealer say about this ‘under warranty’ vehicle?