Oil Consumption

I have a 2001 Chrysler Town and Country with 54,000 miles. We bought it new and the wife just drives the kids to school and does her shopping in it. We have an oil consumption problem with it. It used 2 1/2 quarts in 2000 miles, that is city driving. The dealership has done every test possible they tell me, even the dye test, and there is no leaks anywhere, it is not smoking, knocking. It runs like a champ. But were is the oil going

There’s only two ways to lose oil: leaking outside of the engine, or burning inside of it. Since there’s no visible smoke or leaks, odds are it’s being burned.

There are several ways oil can be consumed by burning: worn out valve guides/seals, sludged oil wiper rings, plugged PCV valve to name a few. Pull your spark plugs and inspect the condition of the electrode. A plug that’s wet and oily indicates likely valve seal failure in that cylinder, though a possible ring problem could do it too. While you’re at it, remove the PCV valve and shake it. If you don’t hear a rattle, replace it. Clean out the air passages to it at the same time.

Did this oil consumption problem come on suddenly, or has the oil consumption gradually increased? If this problem came on suddenly and began with the last oil change, I would be tempted to try a different brand of motor oil. The brand of oil shouldn’t make any difference, but who knows? Perhaps the wrong weight oil was put in at the last oil change. Be certain to follow the recommendation as to the weight of oil specified in your owner’s manual.

Oil types and brands CAN make a difference, Try 15w-40 fleet oil in the summer…A quart of oil every 1000 miles is considered NORMAL and is nothing to worry about…

Do you know for sure exactly what grade and type of oil was installed at the last oil change??

You’re kinda on the hairy edge of what’s considered normal oil consumption by auto manufacturers through burning. Most auto manufacturers consider a quart/1000 miles as normal oil consumption. And that’s even if you maintain the vehicle per the owners manual.

Just keep an eye on the oil level. And if the oil consumption increases, then there’s a problem.


2.5 quarts in 2000 miles is a bit on the high side (my '98 Saturn with 126k takes 1 quart in 3000), although some cars do a lot worse. At only 54k miles, it sounds a bit young to have wear problems. I do note that you’re only putting on about 7 thousand miles a year – are these short trip miles? Does the engine get good and hot at least once a week? Have you been changing the oil and filter at least yearly (or more often, if called for by the owners manual)? Your wife’s driving (lots of short trips) may fall into the “severe service” category, which can be hard on oil, which can lead to higher consumption.

I’ve gone through the same scenario trying to find the thieve that keeps stealing my oil. I tried every test to include dye test, replaced numerous seals, pvc valv, compression test, leak down test, replaced valve seals. I finally gave in and used SeaFoam engine flush. I idled my engine on the stuff for about 30 minutes. I changed the oil and filter and now i have yet to lose a drop of oil after 250 miles. Normally i have to add a qt every 300-500 depending on how fast I am going. Ask around and see what folks think about this product.