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G35 burning oil

i have a g35 sedan and its burning a lot of oil in between oil changes. I dont really know whether or not its my valve seals or O rings and i dont know how much oil I can burn in either one. Sometimes it smokes when i take of in first gear or go up a hill every once in a while. It has smoked before when i just started the vehicle and taken off. It always smokes out the tail pipe. It has about 90,000 miles on it.???

How much oil does it burn between oil changes, and what’s the frequency (in miles) of the oil changes.

Is it burning more than a quart in 1,000 miles?

I would say yes

Usually burning under load means rings. Things happen…That engine is one of thee most reliable engines available today. Either you got unlucky…OR it’s been abused.

How often have you been changing your oil?
Mike’s post was spot-on. I’d add “neglect” to “abuse”.

However, if it’s all city driving 90,000 miles could be the equivalentof 300,000 miles.

Worn valve stem seals usually don’t allow that much oil burning. I’d have a compression test done to check for bad piston rings (these are not O-rings). If the rings are bad you’re looking at an engine rebuild to fix it.

Are you the original owner?