Oil comsumption in my Saturn sl2's

We’ve owned three sl2’s and all three have gone through oil. I talked with a Saturn mechanic and he said the problem was a combination of an oil ring in the piston and a tapered cylinder wall. Our only sl1 hasn’t doesn’t leak oil. Has anyone else had this problem?

Many new cars go through oil far faster than most of us would consider normal. The car companies have generally increased the amount of oil used by the engine a lot so that by their standards it may be normal. They may be right as the engines seem to be lasting just as long, they just use/burn more oil.

Everyone should check their oil often.

Factory design, not sure why.

Oil use does not equate with engine wear, as commented. The original Jaguar straight 6 burned 1 quart evry 800-900 miles BY ESIGN. It did have a large sump, 8 quarts or so, but the owners had to keep a close eye on their machines.

I know many manufacturers state that 1qt every 1k miles is fine…But I don’t buy it. I’ve NEVER had a car go through that much oil unless there was a problem.

How much oil?

Oil consumption in cars with aluminum engine blocks more quite common, especially if he car has overheated through poor service of the cooling system. The Chevy Vegas all use oil after a certain number of miles, helped along but the lack of cylinder liners.

Improper break-in is aother source of oil consumption; if the rings do not seat properly, the car will use oil for its entire life.

But, agreed, moden cars should not use oil, at least not more than a quart per 1500-2000 miles or so.

Finally, many reported oil consumption cases are just leaks, but the leaks are small and occur when the car is running, so no oil on the garage floor.