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2000 saturn sl1

Does anyone have any idea why I would burn oil and have to add oil every few weeks…there is no leak.

How Many Miles On This Saturn? Has It Had Regular Oil Changes? How Often?

Why would it burn oil? There are several possibilities, but usually excessive engine wear is the reason, and engine wear can take place as a result of not changing the oil often enough, or using the wrong grade of oil.

Other possibilities include damage resulting from overheating the engine. Of course if you have driven this car for a really huge number of miles already, the engine could just have experienced normal wear for a high-mileage engine.

Please tell us the odometer mileage on this car, as well as how often the oil has been changed, and whether it was ever subjected to overheating.

Saturns are generally great little cars, but they are known for burning oil.

My SL2 used to burn about 1 qt per 1000 miles. Then I tried an “oil system cleaner” because I heard some Saturn owners hypothesize that the engines burned oil because the oil ring (on the piston) would sometimes get gunked up so it would lose it’s seal- on a whim I decided to try the oil system cleaner and now I can go a full 3-4k miles to burn a quart, and by then it’s time for an oil change anyhow. I’m not promising than an oil system cleaner will work for you, but it did for me. (And despite numerous claims that “that snake oil will just cause engine damage”, everything else is fine…)