My Saturn's Increasing Thirst For Oil

I have a 2000 SW2 with 103,000 miles and runs great. Only problem is that it is starting to noticeably use more oil…

What can I do to get better oil mileage?

When you say ‘noticeably use’ how much do you mean in quarts per 1000 miles. If you have to add 4 quarts, before an oil change at 4000 miles you are still doing okey. Let us know the quart per miles figure.

It’s right around a quart per 1000 - 1200 miles… I’ll start checking the dipstick more frequently…

Is there a leak, or is the oil being burned? Some manufacturers consider a quart per 1,000 miles to be NORMAL oil consumption.

If your engine is leaking oil, you can have the leak repaired. If it’s burning oil, you should get in the habit of checking the dipstick more frequently, and add oil as necessary. Without knowing WHY the engine is burning oil it’s hard to say what it would take to fix it.

Are there oil spots where you park the car?

It’s not burning out through the tailpipe nor is there a leak… I’ve been told it’s common for Saturns to guzzle oil when the motors reach 100,000 + miles…

Mine (02 SL) has almost 160k and uses about a quart every 2k. Are you seeing a lot of seepage around the coil Packs?, thats where mine seems to be leaking.

While your Saturn may be using more oil than it did previously, as mcparadise said, your oil consumption is considered to be within the normal bounds for a relatively new car–so you really don’t have much to complain about for a car with over 100k on the odometer.

Just check the oil every week or so, in case the rate of consumption begins to increase drastically. Keeping an eye on the dipstick regularly will help you to avoid major problems.

What type/grade/weight of oil are you using?

Been using 5w 30… Would going to a heavier weight help?

My 99 saturn sw2 has 155K miles on it…experienced the same issue - started using 15W oil and the problem slowed down tremendously…give it a shot…a little more expensive, but it doesnt burn as fast.