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Oil changes and Mobil 1

I have a 2001 Corvette coupe with 23,000 miles on it. I changed the oil two years ago and since then have put only 700 miles on the car. I’m using Mobil 1 synthetic. I hate taking the car in to get the oil changed for fear they will scratch the rocker panels on the lift. I’m wondering if Mobil 1 has a shelf life (time-senstive) and if it would hurt to leave the 700-mile oil in the car for another year or if I should change it. Please advise.

The oil needs to be changed at least once a year, the shelf life of Mobil 1 in a sealed container is 5 years but in your car I believe the recommendation on time is no less often than one year. The potential risk for damage to your engine is greater than your risk of damage to the rocker panels in my opinion.

Yeah change the Oil! Any competent shop should be able to change the oil without dinging up the car. Do you know any other Vette or sports car guys that can recommend an “enthusiast” oriented shop in your area? Might be worth that extra piece of mind for ya.

After a short drive to warm the car up you might be able to reach the drain plug and drain the old oil yourself. Just refill with more Mobil 1. I don’t see a need to change out the oil filter at 700 miles.

If you hate taking your car in for fear of someone possibly scratching the car while they do an oil change, then you have only 3 choices:

1- Get over your irrational fear.

2- Do the oil change yourself, and you will then only have yourself to blame. You might even do a better job of changing the oil, and take more care in preventing scratches on the car than any shop would, since you have an emotional investment in the car, instead of it just being another Corvette in for an oil change.

3- Sell your car to someone else who will actually drive it, enjoy it, and change the oil on a more frequent basis.