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Mobil one oil change

how long between oil changes with mobil one oil? i cant get a straight answer from anyone. some say 3-4 thousand miles, i have heard up to 8 thousand. whats the right amount? i drive about the same highway and town driving. i put on about 10thousand miles a year.

The only way to tell for sure is used oil analysis.

Typically about twice as long as you would with regular oil or the maximum interval recommended for normal driving in your owners manual.

Been using it since 1976. I’ve always gone at least 10k, usually about 14k. Also did 20k once. Never had an engine problem, and cars ran great till I replaced them. I know some folks will be shocked by this, and I realize most woul feel uncomfortable doing this, so I don’t recommend it. 7500 is certainly safe.

I’d go same as regular oil-twice a year at 5000.

I recently switched to Mobil 1 in all my cars after an unfortunate incident with Castrol, which I had used for 35 years.

I ran GTX dyno oil 3000-4000 miles and I plan to run Mobil 1 about 6000 miles.

I have absolutely no scientific basis for this.

I’d go with the ‘normal service’ interval for your car. Most are 5000 or 7500 miles. If you’re out of warranty and want to depend on the Mobil 1 warranty, you could follow Mobil’s guidelines (from their web site, you should look at it):

"To achieve the best peace of mind related to engine protection, many vehicle owners change their engine oils every 3,000 to 4,000 miles. Is this practice rendered meaningless with the advent of the Mobil high-endurance oils?

Consumers should follow the maintenance practice that is best for them, and that meets their car manufacturers? warranty. They can have peace of mind knowing the guaranteed performance and protection intervals of the Mobil line of high-endurance oils. Mobil Clean 5000, Mobil Clean High Mileage, Mobil Clean 7500, and Mobil 1 Extended Performance protect critical engine parts from lubricant-related failure for 5,000/7,500/15,000 miles – guaranteed."

The only thing for certain is that you’ll get many different opinions.

There are too many variables involved for any oil change interval recommendation to be exact. Other than getting a used oil analysis, as Beadsandbeads suggested, settle on any interval that has enough built-in margin of safety.

Back at my first gas pump jockey job in the 60s, I checked the oil on a customer’s car when he came in for gas. The oil was a deep black color, way overdue for changing. I told the driver the level was fine but recommended he get it changed.

His reply was: “I keep all my cars for 100K miles, change the filter only every 25K, and never change the oil. I only add oil when necessary. This approach has worked for me for all the cars I’ve ever owned.”

Who was I to argue. It was his vehicle.

Read your owner’s manual.

Synthetics are just as prone to contamination and dilution from blowby. Since the goal is to prolong the life of the engine rather than the life of the oil, and since oil changes are a dirt cheap way to do that, I recommend against using synthetics to stretch the time between changes beyond the manufacturer’s racommendations.

As one regular here said, no engine has ever suffered from being maintained better than the recommendation.