Mobile One Oil



I purchased a 1977 RR Corniche 11 years ago. It had 46,000 miles. It now has 57,000 miles on it. I do not recall when I had the oil changed but it still looks clean and it is full. Do I still need to change the oil as often with Mobile One in the car. Thanks so much for the info. I listen to your show on public radio whenever I have the chance


You Mean More Often Than Once Every 11 Years ? I’d Go With Every Ten. Eleven Years Is Just Too Long. In Fact, Most Car Owner’s Manuals Specify Every 6 Months Or 1 Year.

What does your Owner’s Manual specify ? There probably is not synthetic specified there, but change it according to whatever they recommend for the conventional oil.



I don’t think there is any such thing as “Mobile One” oil. Do you mean “Mobil?”


No, his motor oil moves around from place to place, on its own.
Hence, it is “mobile”.

Or, perhaps his motor oil was manufactured in a large city in Alabama.



Fully synthetic oil should be changed every year at least.

Whoops, I meant ‘MOST’.


Just in case that wasn’t clear…

It should be changed at least once a year.

It should go at most one year between changes.


But he only drives it 1000 miles a year…I bet if you sent it off to Blackstone Oil Labs for analysis they would report the oil is just fine…And will continue to be fine for an indefinite period of time…


Yea, likely it would test OK, or not.

Low mileage drivers are likely to be taking very short trips, and seldom if ever getting the engine up to full operating temperature long enough to eliminate moisture etc.   I strongly suggest considering the OEM recommendation as found in the owner's manual is the best and safest authority on this subject.


Either change your oil and create a log book for it to record any maintenance that you perform on it for now on, or sell your car to someone willing to change the oil.

Having a poor car sit in a garage most of its life unused is bad enough.
To also be stuck with someone who doesn’t even have a clue when it was last worked on is a crime.



I’d also be very concerned with the AGE of the tires.( not tread depth. Will descibe in detail if you need to know how to read the production date code on the sidewall )

I’d hate to see you pull your Rolls out for the annual fourth of july parade only to be popping flats and hold up the show.


How long you go between oil changes depends on which Mobil1 you use. The Extended Performance oil is the only one they underwrite for more than 7500 miles. Extended Performance has 50% more additives than the other Mobil1 products. Since you dive the car so infrequently, you should change the oil every year. It’s a beautiful car - treat it to an oil change more often. Skimping on inexpensive maintenance items like oil can damage you car, and the cost to repair the engine would be astonishing.


1000 miles a year?
I would use conventional oil and change once a year.

I knew a mechanic in the 1970’s who owned three RR’s.
He’d buy them run down for cheap and fix them up in his spare time.


I have a 2002 Sienna with 173,000 miles on it. My driving is south of the snow zone, and much of it is NOT cold start, stop and go driving. A year ago October, I had let it go to 8800 miles to find out which of the many conflicting opinions on this board was correct.

It had Mobil-1 EP as described above. At 8800 miles, it had enough goodie left that it would have been good to 10,000 miles, not the 15,000 miles they guarantee. I now change oil at 8000 miles or so. If I change driving pattern, I will change my change cycle.

Oil changes really don’t cost that much in comparison to the value of most cars. Yes, change that oil at least once a year. Unless you do get a Blackstone report, of course.