Lousy Mobil 1 warranty

Mobil1 has 10,000-mile3 oil and also 20,000-mile oil. I have been using it (along with 10 and 20 thousand mile filters) to cut down oil changes. I happened to read the warranty they provide, and I was very surprised to see that BOTH warranties run out after one year. It appears that the oil must deteriorate rapidly after installation. I don’t drive even 10,000 miles per year, so I must be driving with low quality oil after one year. Luckily, I don’t wait for the full mileage, but I have certainly gone well past one year. I am not too happy to learn this. Am I the last to learn this, or is it well-known?

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I’ll never understand why people follow an oil manufacturers recommended oil change interval and not the vehicle manufacturers recommended oil change interval?



We got an extended warranty voided if oil is not changed every year, no matter what the miles.

I dunno but I could care less what they say, or couldn’t care less to the purists. I’m at “3050 on the one car and getting a little anxious when I usually change by 3000. The mower has 14 hours and was considering just changing for the fall workout instead of waiting for 25 hours, or 50 is you believe the manual which I don’t.

I assume this does not mean oil would go bad in an opened bottle with
the lid on.


Well I rotate my stock but do have from two to three years supply on hand. I did this after finding the shelves bare. I’ll have to look for outdated. The years fly by.

Nope, didn’t see any outdate
anywhere. There is what looks like a lot number but that’s it. Mobil1.

Confusing first post…I don’t think it was about shelf life of oil but IN the car…

The old good for 10K miles OR 1 year, whichever comes first.

20K a year means lots of full warm ups and lots of easy highway driving. 3300 miles a year for 3 years creates a lot of oxidation and acids so 1 year is appropriate. Ya gotta read the fine print.

Only if refrigerated.

How nuch did you save by cutting down on oil changes? I’ll bet it’s a lot less than the cost of an engine rebuild.

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It’s what I believe they call a group 3 mineral oil, which is a premium quality oil, with some synthetic oil blended in. It uses viscosity modifiers just like regular oil and those break down. IT seems they have some special way of making Mobil 1 not produce engine sludge though. But I believe viscosity modifiers do break down and the oil gets thinner after about 7500 miles. I’ve read people saying that Mobil 1 Extended Performance isn’t what it used to be.

A true synthetic like Amsoil is different.

I would be more concerned by your car warranty than Mobil 1’s warranty.

All Mobil 1 is saying is that they believe their 20,000 formula will hold up for 20,000 miles if done in one year. Such usage is considered easier on an engine per mile that driving 20,000 in 2 years because the engine will have fewer cold starts and spend more time fully warmed up.

Guaranteed not to harm the engine in 12 months, I didn’t think the oil would harm the engine. I don’t adhere to warrantees for every little thing I buy. I change conventional oil every 5,000 miles/18 months. I have vehicles with oil that is 3 years old.

Why would anyone be interested in rebuilding the engine due to the fear of old oil?

Two weeks ago a 2019 luxury vehicle came in for the first oil change and a fuel pump recall, old oil? Motor oil today is a lot better than it was 40 years ago, this vehicle will outlast the owner.

Well, to be fair, I can remember when such cars as the early 1990’s Cavalier, Corsica, and Beretta were in wide circulation, as well as the many Chrysler vehicles equipped with the 2.2/2.5 NA engines, Ford Tempo, Ford Escort, etc. People treated these cars like crap, did minimal maintenance on them, and for the most part, they got away with it. But I wouldn’t bet on getting away with lax maintenance on a modern vehicle. Sure, oil has improved, but modern engines run hotter, contain multiple timing chains, and VVT technology, which depend on clean oil of the proper viscosity.

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My observation is a frequent occurrence, people do not change oil every 12 months and we are not replacing engines.


I do not believe that motor oil, coolant, or transmission fluid will expire if stored in the unopened container. In fact, last year I found two unopened cases of Castrol Syntec motor oil, from the late 1990’s, based upon the sweepstakes entry form affixed to each bottle. The oil did not look or smell weird when I opened one of the bottles, and I used this oil in my 2000 truck and 2004 car without any issue. At this same location, I found several very old unopened bottles of Super Tech Dexron III/Mercon, which I used to drain and refill the transmission and top off the power steering in my 2002 car. Again, no issues.

@Mustangman Speaking of oil, are you heading north or gonna try and tough it out. I’ve been getting emails from our rental cautioning to remove any loose items, buy water and flashlights, etc. Good luck etiher way.

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People living in Florida should travel north for motor oil?

Bing is referring to hurricane Ian. Me, after 40+ years have yet to drive north or anywhere due to hurricanes.
A New York newbie decided to drive north when a hurricane was coming our way, spent 10 hours on I95 to drive 200 miles.

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