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Oil change interval for low mileage 2017 Honda CR-V

Put synthetic oil in Sep 2018 - Oil good for 1 year or 20 K mi. Seldom drive car (2600 mi) now. Change oil when? Buddy says 2 years at most. What say you?

Does not matter what I say. That is why you have a manual with a maintenance schedule . you most likely need the severe schedule since you don’t drive much .


Depends on whether you want to keep or void your warranty over an oil change. Going 15 months w/o an oil change may have already voided your warranty.


Oil ages. You still need to change oil even if you don’t drive it.

Even synthetic? Change synthetic when - six months? a year?

Changed it during annual inspection Thanks for your advice!

Thanks for your comments - the dealer said the oil (synthetic) was good for 20,000 or a year.

What dealer ? My info shows oil and filter change at 7500 miles or one year .

A NTB (formally Merchant’s) in Richmond Virginia. Synthetic oil change about $ 70.00 - dealer stated oil good for 20,000 miles and 1-year. The consensus seems to be to change oil in a year regardless of miles - so much for synthetic oil! Thanks for your comments. Ciao

Pretty sure they said 20,000 miles “OR” 1 year, meaning which ever comes first.

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Why are you accepting the word of the people at NTB instead of what the Honda dealer says or what is in your manual .

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