Frequency of oil change

My elderly mother has a 2000 Honda Civic w/ only 32,000 miles on it. how often should oil be changed?

Twice a year should be O.K. Once in the fall before it gets cold, and once in the spring.
There should be less than 6 months between fall and spring, and a little more than 6 months between spring and fall.

Oil change frequency is discussed frequently here. Use the search function and you will definitely find your answer.


Mom may still have the owner’s manual. Check the glove box. Honda should recommend a change interval for low mileage situations. It is probably 6 months as Roger124 suggested, buy you can be sure if you find the owner’s manual.

thanks, it was recommended that synthetic oil would be best in this situation. I know nothing re: synthetic oil, does this sound like a good idea? thanks so much for your advice

Opinions vary on synthetics. I use it. Others prefer not to. Generally, a low mileage car like that, if not recommended to use synthetics by the manufacturer, the important thing is to keep good oil in it, either synthetic or dino. There is no indication that anything is happening to that car that requires synthetic, which does cost more.

I would use mineral oil, not synthetic, and change it per Honda’s instructions. BTW, if she does not have the owner’s manual, you can get a pdf version on line from Honda for free.

With few exceptions synthetic is better. However with few exceptions the difference in an engine that does not specify synthetic, the difference is too little to worry about.