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Oil Changes

2004 Chrysler Sebring Convertable

bought used cream puff


Mobile 50-50 (7500)

car driven less than average 1000 miles per year - in spurts - it is a show car.

Question: How often should the oil be changed in this car since it is a synthetic oil and only driven less than 1000 miles a year?

Consult your owner’s manual. I believe most cars take it every 6 months or 3K miles, whichever comes first (this won’t apply to you because at the rate you drive you won’t hit 3k miles before 6 months).

Take a look at the dipstick every now and then. When the oil starts to change color and goes from looking like watered down coffee (light, light brown) to tar (black) you know it’s time to change it.

I would change it every two years or every 5000 miles, which ever happens first…

Consult the owner’s manual. It will list both distance and time for oil changes. You use whatever comes first. In your case it should be time not miles.

The fact that you don’t start the engine very many times a week, you can stretch out the out change interval. The hot shutdown is what does the most damage to the oil. If you drove it daily, but only for a couple of miles each time, then you would have to use the time recommendation even if you haven’t reached the miles interval, but in your case, once a year will be adequate.

You should start and drive the vehicle at least once a week though. If you don’t, lubricants could drain off critical parts and they could begin to rust, causing more problems.

What do you think? Do you think your low mileage and use of syn. oil should extend your interval? or do you think those factors decrease your intervals,or have no effect at all. Just wondering what you think.Or do you have no idea at all? You being a show car guy,I would expect you to have some opinion on this subject.Don’t you and your fellow car lovers talk about these issues

Not that it may make a big difference, but Mobil 7500 is a synthetic/conventional blend. It is not the same as Mobil 1. I would change once a year and use a conventional oil like Mobil 5000 or Pennzoil. Mobil 7500 appears to be in process of being phased out of the Mobil line up.

Every Leap Year, if you change the filter, too!
Changing every 1000 miles is for idiots, who support Big Oil Lobbists!
But, check the oil level every time you drive it, since it might leak.