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Oil Cap

My oil cap broke when I tried taking it off, and the bottom part is still in there. What is the best way to get it out?

Is any of the barrel section left sticking up above the valve cover? If so you may want to try vicegrips.

Needle Nose pliers…screw driver…Shouldn’t be too difficult.

Worst case scenario: Remove the valve cover, break out the remaining plastic oil cap, reinstall the valve cover with a new oil cap.

This will prevent any pieces of the valve cap from falling into the engine.

If you get desperate, and don’t want to remove the valve cover:

Is it made of plastic? You could heat up the business end of a flat head screwdriver, press it into the plastic, let it cool, and then use the screwdriver to loosen what is left of the cap. Be careful not to ignite any flammable liquids.

You might also try to CAREFULLY create a groove in the top of the cap with a small drill bit used gently at an angle. Just be careful not to drill all the way through, or you will get small bits of plastic in the engine.