I lost my oil cap, I turned to Google

And someone says stick a towel in there and drive to the gas station so I stuck a towel in there and started it and the towel is stuck down in whatever is below the fill cap.

The valve cover is going to have come off in order to remove the rag.

It’s probably wrapped around a cam shaft.



I believe that Tester is correct, and you should use this experience as evidence that not every bit of advice you find online is valid or safe. I suggest that you get the car to a competent mechanic a.s.a.p.

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That part about driving to a gas station should have been a clue to avoid that advice . There may be only 10 full service gas stations with on duty mechanics in the entire US OF A.


have it towed to the mechanic shop.


Yep, as said tow to dealer or shop, have it removed and get new cap from dealer. Send bill to friend but don’t expect payment.

PS: They can use a boroscope to try and see where it is and use a hemostat maybe to pull it out, if you feel lucky.

You mean the 710 cap? :slightly_smiling_face:


I wonder what the best advice for the missing oil cap problem is? If you drive with the cap removed, you’ll get oil splattered all over the engine compartment, and that’s the best-case scenario. Worse case, the oil will run low and the engine damaged. I never had to deal w/that myself, but if leaving the car unused until I obtained a new cap wasn’t an option, I’d be inclined to figure out a way to hold a rag or sturdy piece of paper over the hole, but not down into it.

In any event OP should not start the engine until this is resolved, otherwise risking expensive damage.

Uber to get a new cap.


Duct Tape over the oil fill opening .


Unfortunately he already did and it sucked the rag inside.

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I tried that, it did not stick, after ample cleaning.

So the valve cover has fancy little bolts on it. I inherited several different socket sets, at the time I was like what are all these for? I mean probably 8 to 10 different sets. Of course I don’t have one that fits. Is there a way to upload a picture on here?

It said I may be able to get a universal cap at some truck stop type gas stations. I did not know he put the rag in it, I’ve been surgically removing bits and pieces through the hole but I need a socket to fit.

Do you have the elusive 10mm socket?



If they aren’t conventional 6 sided bolt heads, they may be torx head bolts, they require special torx sockets. Yes, you can upload a picture. Someone more familiar with that can give you tips how to.

That picture is spot on, but you didn’t tell me how to upload a picture.

They are similar to star sockets, but they are rounded not pointy, 6 rounded points. Approximately 10 mm LOL.

I changed my profile picture, to the bolt on my valve cover.

Then they may be E-Torx fasteners.


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