Oil dipstick stuck

yep, you heard right. I have a dipstick taht is also the filler pipe. It has a handgrip and is like a radiator cap to remove, turn counter-clockwise for a quarter turn and lift off. I can turn it (really really tough) but the stick refuses to come out. I’ve even tapped it (roughly) with a rubber hammer but no good. I am afraid I’ll have to remove the oil pan to try to push it from the other end. Any suggestions? My girlfriend said take it to get the oil changed, says they probably come across it from time to time. HELP!

Does it just spin around? If it’s going to the proper position …but just not allowing you to pull it out (can I dare say that it hasn’t been removed on a frequent basis - wince) then I’d put a pair of pliers on it and pull forcefully. Break it if necessary. Buy a replacement first. I had to do this with my jeep. The plastic one way clutch (angled tabs) softened and it just “clicked” in both directions. I just pulled the top part off and used pliers. Yours is probably vulcanized at some O ring.

Also, how is the “pipe” attached? It should have a way to remove it. At that point it should be easy to get the stick out.

Thanks for your quick response, I do check it oftem, only because I cam currently unemployed and can’t afford to foot a big repair bill (but that’s what I would have said if I were you :slight_smile: Its not spinning freely though, it turns a quarter turn then stops, but it’s damn hard to turn that quarter turn. I have to put a cloth on the plastic cap, hurts to turn it. So it moves, with difficulty a quarter turn both ways but won’t lift out. I am afraid if I break it the stick will drop into the oil pan and then it’s dead lined until I can pull the pan off. I mean I can do it but I am no mechanic. The pipe is in front (near the radiator fan) and looks like it is threaded into place. I had hoped it might have a couple of bolts I can remove but no such luck. Thanks again for your help.

If you “are no mechanic” do not even think of attempting oil pan removal. You will be sleeping under that car for the DAY’s it takes you do do this job over and over until you get it right.

I understand your apprehension at attacking this in a draconian manner. Uncharted waters are fear inspiring, even if they’re only knee deep below the surface.

I think that your tube is an interference fit. I wish I had an image of it to look at. If it’s severely curved, I doubt the stick itself would fall into the pan.

I would first spray some carb cleaner and then some penetrating oil where the cap/tube interface. It may first clean whatever is fouling it …then a lubricant to aid in freeing it. I would work it back and forth during the process.

Now let’s not discount your girl friends wisdom here. While truly sensible on the primary level, it can also be shrewd to a good degree on the secondary or tertiary level. If the quick lube has encountered it before, they’ll know how to handle it …fine. If the individual tech has not, he’ll do something stupid and they’ll have to fix it to keep you unaware of his screw up.

Or you could just walk up and ask “has this happened to you guys before? What do you do to handle it?” It might just be that easy.

I’ll give that a try, my only fear in taking it to the local Jiffy Lube is the first thing they do is to drain the oil, there would be no way to put it back in unless the filler cap is fixed. I foresee major headaches for that. Quick lubes are not known for their skill when encountering the unexpected. We had my girlfriends car fixed at a local shop, they printed up schematics of the engine and specifically the area where they would do the work. If I go there and ask them to print out the schematics in the area of the filler tube I could find out if it screws into the engine. That’s what it looks like to me anyway. At least if I know how it is removed I can be sure I’m not messing it up.

If you go to Jiffy Lube or any of its clones, your current problems will increase geometrically.
Take the car to a real mechanic.
Even if it costs a few bucks more, you won’t be dealing with the incompetents at J-Lube.

If you can’t fix it, force it. If you can’t force it, break it…If you can’t break it, ----it.

Amen, Caddyman.

But Jiffy-Lube has deeper pockets to pay to fix the problem you set them up to take the blame for.