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2004 Nissan Sentra oil dipstick tube:

The oil dipstick broke off in the tube, again, but I can not get it out because there is nothing to grab hold of! Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get it out or how to remove the tube so I can replace it? There is no bolt or screw or anything that I see to remove the tube? Hey Nissan, don’t make your dipstick out of plastic, the engine get’s really hot and melts it! idiot’s!

Take a wood screw and with a propane torch heat the screw up while being held with a pair of pliers. While the screw is hot. insert into what’s left of the plastic handle so the screw melts in. Let the screw cool off completely. Now grab the screw with the pliers and yank out the dip stick.


I keep sharp dry wall screws in my tool box for problems like this. If you can see some of the plastic handle inside of the tube drill a small hole in it (about 3/32"), not too deep. Then gently turn a sharp pointy screw into it and pull it out.

If you can’t access the broken handle you may need to remove the tube, it is lightly pressed into the block.

Depending on how far down it is in the tube, I have a long pair of forceps that has a good 6-8" reach and is narrow. Didn’t pay much for it at the surplus store and has come in handy.