Oil burning M5



My 2007 BMW M5 is requring frequent engine oil fill up. What should be an acceptable fill up? I am getting about 1500-1800 miles per quart. My dealership has told me varying miles depending which service guy I get for the day.


General answer-this is better than the 1000 miles/quart usually used as the ‘too much oil’ criteria, but it’s still quite a bit. For a specific answer, you might try an M5 board: http://www.m5board.com/


Most auto manufacturers consider one quart of oil/1,000 miles as normal consumption. This is one reason why the fluids in a vehicle should be checked on a regular basis, no matter the age/miles on the vehicle.



It is more than usual but likely does meet criteria for oil fillup. Topping it every 3rd fillup will likely be a good habit to get into.

The majority of engines by ANY manufacturer including BMW do better but there are that subset.