Burning Oil

My 2002 BMW X5 with 80K is going through 1QT of oil every 3000 miles; normal?

Yup, normal for a good healthy engine.

And smart of you to monitor it.

Very normal, oil usage is a normal part of the combustion process. The key is checking your engine oil every third fillup and you’ll have long engine life.

It is considered normal by many car manufacturers today. Actually it is not too bad, many cars using much more are considered normal. Keep you eye on it and make sure it does not start using more.

For a 6 year old high peformance car I would say that is excellent. Don’t do anything other than check it regularly and change it when required.

All cars use some oil; sometimes if an owner does nothing but short distance driving in cold weather, the level will GO UP! But that is because of all the condensation (water) and and raw gasoline that finds its way into the crankcase. Those situations are to be avoided.

I agree with Docnick, and with the others who have posted in this thread.

By contrast, my '74 Volvo–the absolute worst car that I ever owned (purchased new, oil & oil filter changed every 3k to 3.5k) began burning oil at about 60k and was soon burning 1 qt. every 600 miles!

Nowadays, most auto manufacturers consider the consumption of 1 qt. of oil every 1,000 miles to be within normal limits, believe it or not.

Consider yourself lucky.

excessive oil burning is caused by worn rings. enough said