Oh my stripes

I have a 2007 mustang that forgot to put sunscreen on while living with its first owner in sunny FL. They are decals and are fading. Every time i wash it the blue comes off on my cloth. Is there anything i can do other than get new decals or get it painted? I love love love my stripes!!! yours truly now safe in ST Louie

Time to visit a few body shops, see what they say.

get new stripes.

Have them painted on this time :wink:

What do you use to wash the vehicle?


The stripes cannot be saved. A visit to a body shop is in your future. The shop will not do the stripes themselves but will let their sublet stripe dude do it. The shop might remove the stripes but most likely not install them. How big are the stripes? Small pins down the side or wide down the middle?

What area in STL do you reside? Post and if I remember I will call my connections to see what shops in your area are trust worthy.

How long in STL? Have you been to
Imo’s Pizza
Ted Drewes Frozen Custard
Gus’s Pretzels
Lions Choice Roast Beef
any Italian food from “The Hill”?

Turtle Car products. When I bought the car they had just washed it and it was evening. My bad.

20 min from downtown. Lamans from back bumper to front. Two wide. Been in St. Louis area my whole life. Imo’s is the bomb especially the cheese on yor teeth part. lol. Ted Drewes is fine but lots of competion to choose from. no to Gus’s. Lions Choice yuck! Lots of great Italian food in the area. My fav. is on the Illinois side of the mighty Miss! Mungos!!!

IL side or south, north or west STL?

The cheese is a blend of Provelone and Mozzarella called Provel. It’s not widely availible outside STL. I liken it to cheesy napalm and its great. I have noticed people either love it or hate it, its the thin crust debate. Everything else is pizza but Imos is THE PIZZA.