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Maintaining stripes on a Mini Cooper

I have a BEAUTIFUL 2010 Laser Blue Metallic Mini Cooper S with white sport stripes. Within the first year after purchase, the vinyl sport stripes became discolored and spotted. The dealership kindly replaced the stripes (under warranty), but I am worried that the discoloration will happen again. No one seems to know why the discoloration happened, only that it does from time to time. The car is absolutely beautiful, and well taken care of. Does anyone know anything about this problem, and/or what can be done to keep this from happening again? It’s very depressing to see one’s cute little car with blemishes! Thanks - Minigirl.

Are you washing and waxing the car regularly?

Are you parking under any trees?

No parking under trees, and washing regularly with Mini products. Paint looks great - just discoloration on stripes, and only in a certain spot on the “bonnet” - in a circular pattern.

Open the bonnet and look under the bonnet and see how the stiffening structure is shaped. If you see a feature that sits directly below where the circular discoloration occurs on the stripes, the engine heat is probably causing a reaction with the adhesive used to attach the stripes causing it to change color.


I Don’t Know A Mini Cooper From A Pooper Scooper, But Next Time The Stripe Tape Discolors, I Would Remove It Competely And Not Replace It. It’s Not Necessary.


Thanks Tester… I actually have talked about engine heat with the service manager at the dealership, and was assured that this is not the problem, but I will check the shape of the stiffening structure. To “CSA” … I disagree, the stripes are part of the car’s character, and IMO are necessary. I will have them painted on if the vinyl option doesn’t work out this time.

Taking the stripes off may not work anyway. The paint underneath the stripes would likely be darker because it was protected from the sun, rain, etc.

I think Tester hit the nail on the head.

It Seems That There Is At Least One Inherent Design Problem With These Cars.

I see many complaints from unhappy owners with discolored stripes, ruined paint (when peole try and remove and discard tape), and melted faux hood scoops (scoops changed in production in 3/2010).

I’ve managed a body shop before and I’ve never liked any tape or stickers on cars. I still think that one could get to liking the car more without them. It’s one thing if the car and stripes are engineered properly, but if they’re PITA then it’s better to discard them.

One company is cashing in on the problem and selling magnetic stripes.