Pinstripe (ing)

I want to have a pinstripe(s) added to my 2010 Ford Fusion. The problem is finding an image of a simple, classy pattern on-line for the ending and begining of the stripes. I don’t want the same old same old, but nothing gaudy either. Any help?

A good body shop should have a lot of good styles to choose from. They should have a photo array you can select from.

I just entered “pinstripe designs” at and came up with all kinds of results.

Pinstriped flames are always popular.

All these searches show elaborate designs…I’m just looking for a classy way to end at the front and rear fenders using a double line tape.

This web page (which came up in my search results) has 798 different pinstripe designs, which should give you hundreds of examples to choose from. Each one of these designs has lines that end. [i]You don’t have to copy the whole design to copy the way the line ends.[/i] You are making this more difficult than it has to be. Try to use your imagination.

For example, look at this design: Look at the way the two lines come together and then curl to the side near the top of the design. You don’t have to copy the whole design to use something from it in your design. Take the parts you like and integrate them into your design.

I appreciate your help, however, I saw these designs. What I’d like to do is use the existing two-stripe design and overlap it or curl it at the end to make it look nice. I’ve seen cars on the street with this touch, but nothing on-line is available.

Can’t you draw what you want and have one made?

Something like that is about the simplest you’ll get.

That one’s kind of hard to see, but that’s a simple termination without just bringing the lines together.

Call a body shop and explain what you want. Most likely they will say they have an outside source come in and do all their stripes. Drop your car off for the day that their stripe guy comes in and if all goes well when you pick up your ride it will be all striped up.

The second one is getting closer to what I’m looking for. Thank you.