Oh Boy is this 04' Pacifica Great!

We just went to the dealer because we had a check engine light. Turns out that we had a cracked Evap - Hose whatever that is so they charged me about 195 bucks for that and a NY State inspection. So far ok.

My wife gets it home and I don’t drive it until a couple of days later. Every time you go forward theres a noticeable thunk! I’m thinking they forgot to tighten the lug nuts - I check but theyre tight… I take it back to the dealer and he finds a broken motor mount! Wow… Where did that come from? They say to make appt. so we do for $400.00 ! We have it slated to go in next week! I was just in the driveway and to my amazement, the cooling fans for the radiator are trying to cycle on!!

They don’t get started but they click on and off for some reason for between a quarter of a second to a half of a second!!!

Yikes? Help?

It is normal for the electric fans to come on at any time, there might be warning sticker under the hood about that.

Never done it before. I listened to it a while ago and it stayed on for a good 10 seconds. It is doing it intermittently from 20 seconds apart to 3 minutes apart +/-.
Mind you, the car has not been started all day!! It’s 5 PM. I worry about the battery going dead!

Not normal in that circumstance. Nor is it normal to short cycle like that.

Unless anyone has an idea, I guess I’ll get creamed by the dealer for some more cash!