Prologue - 2004 subaru with 2 new gaskets

Just had to come back and say - I am so glad that I asked subaru - they were great - in total I paid $1334.75 for 2 new head gaskets and they gave me some discounts on parts - I only paid about $300 parts - told me at least they did - but I am super happy it was that cheap- just goes to show - it never hurts to ask!

Thanks guys for all of your help:)

Just wanted a final thank you since the thread was closed - we can truly close this chapter now…me and my car are happy and together again…and I would still buy another Subaru:)

I will assume the cloak for many, and give our warm felt thoughts that advice on this board from our great contributors helped another person.

Thanks for giving us the final story. I hope you and your Sube live happily ever after!

thanks! Yes- you all helped a great deal - 10 more years ahead for us:)

That’s a good value for a head gasket replacement. Parts cost is minimal, but there’s a heck of a lot of labor involved. I’m happy you have the problem resolved. Happy driving!

Someone print this post and mail it to the OP’s local newspaper. Good dealership shops should get the praise they deserve. They seem to be in a dwindling minority.

should I write something in my local paper? Will they get in trouble for what they did? It was $1750 for labor and about $300 for parts- and subtract $750 for what Subaru paid for…

they did it in one day - they said they had 2 men on it - I dropped it off at 9:30am and at 5pm they said it was done and I got a free loaner car.

Without getting into the explanation and while hating to be a wet blanket, I’ll just say that sometimes the price paid on a repair like this is not always what it appears to be.

you don’t think I got a good deal ? It was cheaper than replacing one gasket at the local place- you can be a wet blanket - I am a realist and love when people are direct! Please say more…

Oh oh. Looks like another 121 comment thread. Did the dealer do exactly the same work for 1300 vs the $2100 full price job? Dealer sez they did not cut corners. Or maybe u did not ask them. U just assumed they did. Did they reuse any old nuts/bolts/gasket? Job is done. U can’t go back and question their integrity. Besides, u have a warranty on work. Like 30 days or so. Heck, maybe more.

I have a year warranty on this particular work - they did not need to do things like the timing belt as I had that done a year ago. they said they discounted parts for me. I hope that was ok what they did!

I did ask if they did everything ok as they did it so quickly - I had thought about that!

Here is a separate question - the universe has been kind and my mother just told me she is giving me $3000! so - I might get my struts replaced. Is $600 a good price for that or not ? My local shop gave me that.

Would love to just get hat done and have my car in good shape…thoughts guys!

Taht seems like a good price for the fronts to me. Does it include wheel alignment?

does that need to happen when you replace the struts ? I can ask - I do not know - should it? I know that this was the price they gave me.

oh- I do not know which ones as I see there are more than one…I should find out. Where are they and should some cost more than others? They told me initially - I don’t need to replace them until they make a really loud noise - but they are not very good at this point. Should I wait for the very loud noise ? Will I see my car drive differently after they are replaced?

If the car handles well I would suggest that you drive it for a few weeks before adding any new issues and expenses to the situation. If after a few weeks/thousand miles, the oil and anti-freeze look good and you are happy with the current repair get estimates for the struts. And an alignment is strongly recommended with front strut replacments.

And it appears you have negotiated quite well with Subaru for the head gasket repair. Congratulations to you and to the dealership. The 1 year warranty is somewhat indicative of the dealerships honest effort to properly repair your car. Good luck. Keep us posted.

ok - sounds good:) Thanks! I think it was well deserved - i do take care of my car and this was way too early for this sort if thing to happen:)

my car is more wobbly than it used to be - but i have no true issues at this time.

I just want to thank you for taking the time to give us the follow up post. More often than not we never hear the conclusion, and it’s good to know the final outcome… and great to know it was positive.

Sincere best.

thanks! I was not sure if you all would be tired of me!

Feel free to hang out with us. You’re always welcome.