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You guys may have been right

I posted a few weeks ago about an oil leak wondering about putting old oil in to top it off. Some one said check the drain plug. Well I did an oil change on the car today, and the plug would not tighten up. Pulled it back out and some if the threads had literally separated from the shaft. Never seen anything like it. So got a new plug with gasket, and we will see if that fixes or at least slows the leak.

Thanks !!

Hope that does it. Quick and easy fixes are wonderful.

Sincere thanks for the followup post. It’s always good to hear good news. It also serves as a reminder that we shouldn;t forget the small things.

What?? We may have been right??

Hold on, I need to get my wife to see this post.

“Hold on, I need to get my wife to see this post.”

She’ll just say that you hang out with a smart bunch of guys that were right. Once.