Offroad tire always be cut a big tear, patch is useless,

Lever Punch Tyre Vulcanizing Vulcanizer Machine
Penmatic Temperatural-Control Timing Vulcanizer
Tyre Spot Vulcanizing Machine

Above all tire repair kits are usefull?

For what???
Some actual information would be useful here. We’re always happy to help, but you have to tell us what the problem is for us to do so.

I like to order one, if there is a suitable style, the new tire is so expensive, especially for truck

If a tire shop can’t repair your tire chances are you won’t be able to even with some kind of machine.

I live so far away to downtown, so a easy tire repair kit will be more helpful, and the patch can not cover the tear now.

Agree; don’t even try to fix this tire yourself.

People have been killed trying to work with big truck tires. One accident occurred just a few weeks ago.

but I heard this kind of machine is very easy to work by yourself, and it is better than other way.

they say it can work automatically

A good description or photograph of the problem would be helpful but tears are generally not repairable.

I see those items from ebay, I have to say it tuch my heart very much

If a patch can’t cover the tear I’m guessing the tire is not repairable. I’m afraid you could easily spend money on a tire repair machine and more money replacing the tire anyway.

From the limited information you have given I assume the following, you are- not in the United States, english is not your native language, are far away from a mechanic, have a big tear in a truck tire-maybe a Land Rover style vehicle, and a new tire is expensive but sounds like it may be available. If this is not right, please give us more information, as @“the same mountainbike” says if you give us information we can help you without guessing. But you want to buy a tire repair machine that may cost as much as a tire? To make an unsafe repair? If you have a tear, especially in the side wall, no way to fix that, no machine patch or anything can fix it. Buy a new tire.

but the machine is realy cheaper than a new tire, and I also can use it many times and help others

If a standard patch kit does not work the machine cannot perform miracles. You will have an unsafe tire, you will not be helping others, you will be putting them at risk.

“help others”–I can’t speak for others but I would not let someone with a tire machine bought from Ebay repair my tire.
Also if you are doing off road activities using repaired tires does not sound advisable.

well, I will consider it carefully, and study them more, but it looks very nice, CE certification and 110V and 220V

If you have a tear, especially in the side wall, no way to fix that, no machine patch or anything can fix it.

I do not agree above point, this machine just can fix side wall.

I hear a scam here… Years ago significant cuts in tube type tire carcasses were repaired with internal boots that were applied and vaulcanized into place similar to recapping. I have never seen such a repair done on a tubeless tire but of course a tube can be installed in a repaired tubeless tire. Maybe the tires used on excavaters and strip mine dump trucks are still booted but it is unlikely that anyone would boot a tire for highway use these days. Selling the pieces to make such a repair may be a legal and lucrative business with a small print disclamer that, “this product is for off road use only.”

Can you post a photo of the tear?