Tires - middle east - lit prof needs help please



I bought a land rover freelander when I moved to small town in middle east 3 years ago. I do a LOT of off-road, scary, mountain driving. Got a piece of metal (1 inch across, 4 inches long) stuck in rear left tire last week. guy at car repair place (shack) did some vodoo and replaced tube but I am worried b/c there was large hole in the tire itself. I have a feeling that I should not buy just one new tire. Should i buy two, put them on the left and right rear and use the undamaged (rear right) tire as the spare? current spare is ok, not great. if tire blows on mountain road, small chance of going over the side, better chance of hellish time trying to change tire but actually I would not be allowed to lift a finger (being female and middle-aged) as locals guys (universally helpful and kind) would insist on doing it. I have never had a car before this one - am not sure if it is safe to drive off-road with hole in tire. In case it matters: the car is red.


First, this is a 4X4, so if you replace 1 tire, you should replace 4.

Second, you are right that is sounds like you should replace the tire - too much damage.

The real issue here is risk. So long as your speed is low, the risk of an accident is also low, and even if the tire blows out, you’re much more likely to be able to bring the car to a stop without hitting anything.

But, I’m sorry, I can’t help you with the cultural thing!


First, this is a 4X4, so if you replace 1 tire, you should replace 4.

AWD systems you have to replace 4…NOT 4wd systems. But it’s a good idea to replace the tires same axle.


Since YOU are driving, I assume you are not in Saudi Arabia. Agree with other posters, unless you drive slowly on sand or dirt only, you will have excessive wear on the drive train by buying one new tire, unless the others are nearly new as well.

I do not advise driving on hot pavement at highway speed with the kind of tire repair job you mention.


Too bad the car is red. I have a great solution to the problem for green, brown, white, blue, and silver cars, but have no idea what to advise for a red car.


Thanks for your help!!! a few more questions

what is the difference between AWD and 4wd? and what do I have?

‘same axle’ mean both rear tires, yes?

correct - I am NOT in saudi and there is not such thing as ‘highway speed’ here, go to fast and you might hit a camel :slight_smile:

and, Lars, I lied - the car is silver - what is your great solution?


Your truck is 4wd. It means that when you shift into 4wd there will be at least two tires (one front…one rear) providing power at all times. In a AWD system there’s usually only 1 unless it starts to slip then which ever tire has traction will start spinning. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. For true snow and off roading you want 4wd. But you CANNOT drive on dry pavement with 4wd or you could actually destroy the transfer case.

Yes same axle means both rear or both front.