Odyssey transmission question


Our 2002 Honda Odyssey is in need of a new transmission as of about 90,000 miles. his has been a surpise until I read on the internet of many problems with this.

Honda offered at first to install a "new"transmission and charge only for the $1100 labor, get a regular 36k warrany with it; or now has offerd to install a “rebuilt” transmission for free, no warranty. They say it will be

better as a rebuilt, different metal or sopmething.

My question is: Which is better? I like not putting $1000 into it…but am now leary of the transmission altogether.



A professionally rebuilt transmission should come with SOME sort of warranty. No warranty means if the transmission fails in two weeks you’re stuck.

Unless you plan to sell the vehicle as soon as the transmission is installed, I’d suggest the “new” transmission with a warranty.