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Honda Odyssey Transmission

I have a 2000 Odyssey with 265k on it (205k were primarily highway). The engine is in great shape, along with the structure and interior of the car. Of course, the transmission is now slipping. We’ve been given a price of 3650 (including tax/labor) for a remanufactured Jasper transmission with a 100K/36 month warranty. Is it time to buy or should we buy this transmission? My husband seems to think we can have this done “cheaper”. Opionions on that?

Skip any non rebuilt or salvage yard transmissions as this one is known to fail. Not sure of best option, ~$3500 for another year or two of driving in a nice vehicle does not sound bad to me.

My thoughts exactly- a junk yard transmission has no guarantees and if I’m going to pay someone to install it, etc. - I want it done once, and right. $3500 spread over 2 yrs or so beats a car payment! Thanks! More opinions welcome!