2002 Honda Odyssey Transmission


My 2002 Odyssey has 75K on it and the transmission is shifting hard and at the wrong times. The dealer wants over 5K for factory rebuilt. My local Honda shop can do the job for less than 3K. I have been driving Honda’s for years and never had any transmission problems. Is there something about 02 Odysseys or Odysseys in general?


I seem to remember reading somewhere that Honda’s been having problems with the Odyssey transmission (which I believe is the same one in the Pilot and Accord.) With such relatively low miles on the van, you should try to get Honda to pay for some, if not all, of the rebuild. I’ve heard of others having some success in getting something from Honda. It won’t hurt to ask. By the way, is there still a powertrain warranty on the van? If there is, the Honda should definitely foot the bill. It’d be worth it to investigate this a little further.


I was just reading in Phil Edmonston’s Lemon-aid book that using the euphemism “goodwill” warranty/repair will increase your chances of getting some or all your money back for such a repair, as it does appear to be relatively common. It also seems to be that Honda isn’t too bad at honouring their “goodwill” warranties, even after the warranty has expired. I would definitely try to see if Honda will pay for the tranny repair.


As far as I remember,there was a recall for 2002 trannies on the odyssey. I know my brother got a replacement transmission a while back


Honda did recall a number of vehicles. On July 1, 2004, "Honda Motor Co., said Wednesday it plans to widen a previously announced recall to include 1.14 million vehicles, among its largest,
covering Accord and Acura cars that have the same transmission fault that triggered a light-truck recall this year.
The recall will cost Honda about $63 million, in addition to the $153 million being spent on the light-truck portion of the recall.
The cars affected are 2003-2004 Honda Accords, 2000-2004 Acura TL, and 2001-2003 Acura RLs.
In April, the company recalled 600,000 U.S. and Canadian Odyssey minivans, and Pilot and Acura MDX sport-utility vehicles with the same transmission. "
This info is from Phil Bailey’s excellent website, www.baileycar.com/recalls_html.html


A friend has a 2001 Odyssey which I maintain. Last year Honda replaced her transmission for free.


I had my 2002 Odyssey transmission fail at 100500 miles. I fought with them loaded with the info that Honda knows there is a design problem with this transmission. They only charged me $500 to have the replacement vs the $3500 I was originally quoted. My service dealer spoke with Honda America to get it worked out. Come with the facts. BUT GUESS WHAT 10000 miles later that transmission failed me yesterday. Granted it is under warranty but we are driving across country and stranded for 2-3 days. I’ve been calling Honda America all day as I feel the dealer in LIttle Rock not helpful. I want out of this piece of crap car! This is my 3rd Honda vehicle. What is to say this next transmission won’t have me stranded again soon?! Any advice to get some help. I want them to get me into a new car for a great deal!!! I don’t see why they should make any money off a loyal inconvienced customer like me.