'06 Odyssey Transmission

Our 06 Odyssey currently has 155K and the transmission is done for. We were quoted 4500-5K for a remanufactured tranny and $3400 installed for a used trans with 63K on it. The used comes with only a 30 day warranty. The van is in good condition otherwise. We are really on the fence about what to do. Are the quoted costs average?

I got my 2002 Odyssey transmission rebuilt for $1,600. 800 parts and 800 labor. That was after a lot of searching around. Mostly, my clutch packs needed replacing. Do you know if yours can be rebuilt?

I’d stay away from the dealer, they don’t fix transmissions, they only replace.

I’m not sure if these prices are reasonable or not. I will ask what type of shop you’re using here (a dealer, a local transmission shop, or a chain transmission shop), though.

If these are fair prices, I know that I’d personally go for the rebuilt transmission for that price difference, assuming you plan to keep the van for a while. The peace of mind that the transmission probably won’t die for a long time would be worth it to me.

We hit the dealer first and then had it towed to a local garage. Like Goldwing said, the dealer was only interested in replacing with a refurb. The local garage also mentioned a refurb, but then gave us the $3400 option of a used. Is AAMCO worth a shot?

No. Stay away from AAMCO.

100k trans in my town are 750. Install is 1000.

Why do you think your transmission is done for?

How about installing a Jasper transmission

Keith - we’ve had it to the dealer and a local garage who have both confirmed it needs to be replaced.
Missileman - why should we stay away from AAMCO rebuilt?

What is it doing or not doing? There might be another less expensive alternative here.

BTW, if you actually need a new transmission, I don’t know of any reason not to get an estimate from AAMCO. Their reputation is that no matter what is wrong with your car, it needs a new transmission. Flat tire, need new transmission. The story is that AAMCO means All Automatics Must Come Out. I have not heard that they have quality issues with the transmissions they install.

There is a website, I believe ATRA and you can check good re-builders in your area and get quotes. Some might tow it for free too.
Also, go on car-parts.com and see what used ones you find. It might take some leg work from your side but could also yield big savings.