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I can no longer “see” my odometer reading - everything is just black. Is this an expensive repair or is there something I can do? the year is '99

Is there a way to adjust the contrast on the display? I would try that first.

All the other lights on the dash work and I can dim or brighten them. It’s like the bulb (if there is a bulb) behind the odometer is burned out. I did try to see if numbers were there by using a flash light but can’t see any and nothing happens when push the trip lever.

Is the odometer an LCD display? LCD stands for liquid crystal display, so I guess “LCD display” is redundant. If you don’t know what LCD is, most digital watches and calculators use it. Most digital non-plasma televisions use LCD, as does the Nintendo Gameboy.

What does your owner’s manual say? Does it mention a way to adjust the contrast of the odometer display?

If there is a button you can press to change the odometer display from the odometer reading to a trip odometer, try pressing it, or try carefully turning it like a dial.

Are any fuses blown? even ones that do look like they could possibly relate? or are any slots missing a fuse?any at all? Why I ask is I once spent 3hrs trying to get the odometer digits to appear on a 99 S-10 Blazer and all it was was a missing fuse in the spot labled “cruise” and the vehicle did not have cruise (thats why I let it pass so long).

It turns out the owner removed this fuse because he “blew” one of similar rating when he hooked up trailer lights.

I have a fuse for Panel Dimming and also for Instrument Panel Cluster and both are OK and on the panel everything lights and dims except for the odometer. I also checked the cruise fuse. I’m the original owner of the car so the spots missing fuses check out with my owner’s manual. I should have included that along with the odometer being dark, I also cannot see the P R N D 3 2 1 when I shift.