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2006 Buick LaCrosse - Electronics

dash lights all work except odometer light comes and goes. any ideas?

If this really IS a 2019 LaCrosse, it is under warranty. Take it back to the dealer.

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Don’t know where the 2019 came from. It’s a 2006.

A 2006 what? LaCrosse? With how many miles? When did this start? Why do you care to read the odometer at night? Is it worth buying a new gauge cluster to fix this on a 12 year old car? Do you want to fix this yourself?

Help us out a little and we’ll see if we can help you.

since you started thread you can change the header. there is a pencil icon next to thread title that you can select and edit the title.
i assume the mileage seems to follow your actual trip lengths? when it does show up it is correct? i say live with it

The odometer is digital. I get paid mileage which is difficult if you can’t see it. Started last week

does your car have a trip meter? my 2006 GM display changes from miles to trip A if i push button. i think if i push button twice nothing is displayed?

Yes it does, it is also black

You are going to be writing down the mileage when you start and when you stop so you don’t really need to see it while you are driving. If you have a smart phone why not just use to flash light feature that most of them have. This 12 year old vehicle might even be hard to find a replacement gauge assembly for .

A flash light is not going to illuminate a LED display.

There are companies that can repair your instrument cluster, a quick search I see one that repairs 1999-2006 LaCrosse clusters for $175.

Thank you. I appreciate your answer and will see what I can find.

Maybe but I guess I’d make sure all your connections are tight and in good condition on the back of the cluster and also at the computer. Might need the wiring diagram to actually see where they are and what pins are involved. I have had the circuit boards heat up though and deform from the bulbs used, so just gonna have to take a look at the cluster which might mean taking it out.

As far as mileage, I got paid according to the official Minnesota Mileage Book for mileages between cities etc. Didn’t matter what my odometer said, except for vicinity mileage.