Odometer and Speedometer Not Working

I have a 2000 Nissan Altima with about 95,000 miles. Just in the last few months I’ve noticed that when I drive 2 or more hours on the tollway, the speedometer freezes and the odomoter goes blank. So I have no idea how fast I’m going. When I pull over, turn the car off and restart it, everything seems to ‘reset’ and then it works perfectly. The speedometer and odometer problem used to appear only when I used cruise control. I’ve avoided using cruise, but now it doesn’t seem to matter -the problem occurs anyway. What could this be and is it going to cost a lot? I live in Chicago, so I’m sure it won’t be cheap. Thanks for any advice you can give me!

There may be a problem with the power to those areas or a speed sensor. I’m not exactly sure since I’m not real familiar with your model of vehicle. The trouble may also simply be a loose connection to the dash area.

I went and looked for a TSB about this problem and sadly I did not find any, but I did find one that may help others or simply be interesting to others. The problem is, inoperative keyless entry function when then vehicles electric fans are operating. Nissan says in this TSB the problem is caused by electromagnetic interference generated by the fan motors. The fix is to install a new designed power cable for the fans. I can only assume that this cable is shielded. A bit of truth that could simply be dismissed without the verification from Nissan.

Again I will comment that our site could really rise to the top of the bunch if CarTalk provided for free, access to an online source like EBESCO (the one I go to). I would like all to have the access to this kind of data like I do. I have access because I am a tuition paying student and my schools library has a contract. There is an incredible amount of data available from my schools library and since it is linked to the UA in some aspects you get to view some real good research papers. Since we have this great tool it is shameful that all do not have the ability to look these things up. I am finding more and more that “google” searches take you to a place that want to sell you something. So CarTalk what do you say, can the idea be explored? Providing this service would make us “the best of the best” in online automotive help web sites. We may even get some more members to spread the base we are knowledgeable about. There is a site that is restricted to mechanics that can demonstrate both training, experience and a shop facility to explore any answers given, but I don’t think that level of control is required. I kind of like our informal atmosphere (meaning we are tolerant of people that post in the wrong format, with some exceptions).