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99 Altima- electrical- odometer intermittent crusie is same

last fall, the check engine light came on- Autozone states the knock sensor is bad. At the same time, odometer/cruise would work off and on. Now as months have gone by, the odometer RARELY works. Could all the electrical issues be connected? Is odometer controlled by Speed Sensor on the transmission or somewhere else?

Dennis Reid
Brmen ga

The knock sensor issue is most likely a seperate issue since it ties driectly to the ECU. Depending on the error code the trouble could be with the sensor or with the wiring to it.

The odometer does tie to a speed sensor usually but if the sensor was bad there should be a code for that trouble. The trouble may just be due to a faulty power connection to the display.

Thanks- I am sorta thinking on those lines too! Any ideas on how to start tracking down the possible electrical issues?