Odd sound coming from underneath passenger side seat when in neutral, clutch released

Hi all, I’ve got an '04 RX8 which is making a whirring sort of noise (faint, but not loud enough that you can hear it from outside the car), when I’ve got the car in neutral with the clutch pedal released. Any clue? It goes away after I depress the clutch a little bit.

That is the sound of the gears and bearings spinning in the transmission…You might want to check the transmission lubricant level or have the transmission oil changed…Be sure the correct lubricant is used…

The rx8 transmission is mounted about 1 inch below your right arm and only a little bit of steel and a half inch foam pad to dampen any sound. Plus the rx8 transmission has more spur gears then most transmissions. This allows for less slip to allow it to rotate at higher rpms. The downside is spur gears are louder then Helical gears. While this shouldn’t be too loud and if there is a problem the oil and bearings are the first culprits. The rx8’s transmission is more noticeable then most cars. rx8 owner since 2006 and 80,000 miles