Mazda rx-8

so i have a mazda rx-8 and was dogging it doughnuts burnouts and the such, car starts beeping i come to a stop and try to put it into gear and it wont go into any gears so we push it into a parking lot let it sit for a little turn it back on and its real tough going into gears, i know i burnt the clutch up, but when i go to accelerate theres a weird noise coming from the front tire area kind of like no traction and it shakes like its going to stall out…what did i do?

drove like an idiot? I’d say the transmission is toast.

Unless they made a lot of changes on the 8 from the seven, the clutch an transmission are up around there. Have them both checked, and next time, treat it will a little more respect. I loved my RX-7

you pays your money, you take your chances. I hope the dumb moves taught a lesson.

[b]Zoom, Zoom, Boom![/b]
Dumb de dumb, dumb…

When I was a kid, we did this stiff in my friend’s 1967 Pontiac Tempest and it ran just fine. What’s up with Mazda? Hey, boys will be boys, ya know.

No driver age or gender known…

Questioner didn’t state age or gender. He/she could be young, middle-aged, elderly, nun, Elvis impersonator in Vegas, very dignified-looking CEO/CFO, super model, hippie, police officer, etc.

We do know that whoever it is likes doughnuts and pushing cars, though.

As I recall, the '67 'Tempest rear end weighed about 15 pounds and the rear tires were bias ply and about 2-1/2 inches wide. It took little to break the rear end free.

And old fashioned non-posi differentials were so robust that only GM has ever managed to figure out how to design an unreliable one…my '72 Vega!