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Odd noises/feeling with brakes

I had my front driver’s side brake pad, rotor, caliper, and ball joint all replaced 2 months ago. It seems that something in that area is acting up, but only when I am coming to a complete stop. There’s kind of a crunching/grinding noise and I can sometimes feel the brakes clamping together and kind of clicking (it’s the best way I can describe it). But this only happens when I am driving slowly and stopping, or inching up at a stop light or stop sign. This never happens when I use the brakes on the highway to slow down. This also doesn’t happen all the time, just some of the time.

Does this car have anti-lock brakes? Because that sounds like it may be low-speed ABS activation which often indicates a bad wheel speed sensor or some other issue in the ABS system. This can happen without the ABS or brake warning lights coming on b/c the system might “think” it is doing the right thing.

I question the competence of a mechanic that would replace the pads and rotor on one side only.
Brakes should really be serviced in pairs.