Brakes groaning

My 09 Corolla makes a groaning sound when I stop…sometimes. I have had the front brakes replaced and the rear cleaned but it still makes that sound…

Specify “sometimes” - like at what times and under what conditions?

Brakes vibrate. The vibration makes noise. There are various anti-vibration measures such as anti-vibration hardware and well placed brake grease that dampen the vibrations & thus the sound. These kinds of things are often not given much attention when brake jobs are done.

Rotors and drums also get rust on them - very rapidly. Certainly when they sit over night. It is not uncommon for the first braking of the day to be a bit noisy as the surface rust is ground off of the surfaces. If the anti-vibration stuff isn’t in place this can be noisy.

at odd times… sometimes when stopping before turning…I cant really find consistent times.
What kind of “anti-vibration stuff” should I ask for?

I have an 09 Corolla and the original brakes started to make a grinding sound, intermittent. Looked at the front pads and rotors they were fine. I took sand paper to the rotor and pads to break any glaze and they were quiet for a few days, then the same grinding sound. I finally replaced the pads, even though they had lots of life left. The new pads, not Toyota, have been on for a year and are nice and quiet.

There are often “hardware kits” for brakes that contain various kinds of anti-vibration springs/clips/shims. The bits & pieces of these are often fairly flimsy and don’t outlast a set of pads. But they’re not essential to the actual safety functions of the brakes and often don’t come with pads so they are often not reinstalled.

Other than that, there are just common grease points, such as the backs of the pads. This kind of thing is similarly irrelevant to the actual safety of the brakes.

So when you’re brakes are inspected they most often are inspected for safety, not the causes of noise (though some noises are about safety problems).

So you just need a shop that is interested in worrying about the noise. There’s not much in it for them though - making your brakes quiet can take a lot of time and make little to no money.

You can also wonder, as per SteveRB’s comment below whether or not there isn’t something about the Toyota pads that just exacerbate it all.