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New brakes make ticking sound when coming to sudden stop

I just had the front brake pads replaced and rotors turned on my 2002 Civic a few days ago and have only put about 100 miles on them, with local driving and slow braking. The other day I had to come to a more sudden stop and noticed a ticking sound coming from the front brakes, and I could feel it slightly in the brake pedal as well. It only is audible when coming to a sudden stop. Is this normal for new brake pads since they’re probably not fully bedded to the rotors yet? Or do I need to take my car back to the mechanic? Help!

The anti rattle springs may be deteriorated and some may be missing. Sometimes the anti rattle springs appear to be in good condition and are re-installed but soon break and fall out. Often they are brittle and have no spring left in them.

According to my info, your car has an Electronic Brakeforce Distribution system

It may have been the abs that you heard and felt.