Odd Issue with my Honda Civic

Hi everyone-

I just got the oil changed on my 2006 Honda Civic (64,000 miles) and the ‘check emissions light’ just came on the dashboard and I’ve noticed a decrease in engine performance…any ideas what’s happening?

Does it actually say, “Check Emissions”? Or does it say, “Service Engine Soon”?
If the light does mean that there is a problem with the emissions systems, take the car to an auto parts store and ask to have the engine codes scanned.
Bring those codes here for advice.

Any one or more of a very large number of things could be happening. What the light tells you is that the engine’s computer has reported something out of spec in one of the systems. You need to have the car scanned for the codes. I’m not familiar with a “check emissions light” message in particular, but I assume it is basically the came thing as a “check engine light” or “service engine soon” light. If that is so then you can have the codes read free at many auto parts stores (big chains work best).

Better yet, this car is probably still under warranty, and if you have kept up with the maintenance (and have receipts) most anything that comes out of this should be covered. In that case, you can just take it to the dealer & have them handle it.

If you’re not sure, find an auto parts store that will read the codes and post them here (exact codes, like P0123)

P.S. This is not likely to have anything to do with the oil change - unless, of course, you use quickie lube type services because you never really know what kinds of stupid things get done. Don’t use quickie lubes.

Conceptually, no argument about the oil change being unrelated … except … I have a 2002 Mazda Protege and about half the time when I change the oil filter I dislodge a vacuum hose that just happens to be in the area where I’m working and is easily dislodged. The result: Check engine light comes on the second time the car is started after the oil change and it stays on. And the car runs rough at idle.

I’m not suggesting that the problem with the Honda is exactly the same. But it is conceivable that it is something similar.

The DTC code may well help. That’s how I found the loose hose in the Mazda the first time.