Occasionally the car won't start

Our 2002 Impala, has been through the computer diagostics, wires checked etc… Maita Chevrolet couldn’t find the problem. They suggested a new electronic iginition, which we put in. All was fine for a couple of weeks. The problem is continuing. It has been towed 3 times, $500 later and still problems. It starts up fine again and the next time it won’t start. Maita has thrown up their hands. They can’t find the problem. Any ideas?

Did they tell you want exactly the computer test result(s) were? They should be in the form “P0123”

We need to know exactly what is happening when it does not start. You sit down and try to turn the key… Now exactly what happens or does not happen? How is that different than normal? Have there been any other issues with your car lately? Is it weather related? Does it do it about every other time or once out of 50?

Did they work on it when it would not start? If you take it to them when it is starting fine they may never be able to solve the puzzle. If it won’t start and they can’t find the problem try another shop.